Happy holidays from Zyxel!

We're making a list and checking it twice!

Here at Zyxel, we're doing our best to prepare to give awesome gifts to those who've been nice. Heck, we even prepare to deliver something pretty cool for the naughty folks too! We want to spread the holiday joy to everyone!



We're busy packing up the gifts!

We Zyxel elves are preparing a lot of goodies! From wireless routers, wireless extenders, wireless access point, Powerline adapters, network attached storage devices, and many more, Zyxel is ready to stuff a bunch of gifts under that tree!



Choose the perfect gift 

Zyxel recommend six awesome gifts that help you connect with your family and friends digitally during the holiday season. Click on one of them to find out more!



Get crazy Wi-Fi coverage

Our ARMOR Z2 includes beam-forming technology that provides strong wireless signal where ever you go! Delivers up to 2600 Mbps of wireless speed to your favorite mobile device!



two times the fun

Our ARMOR X1 provides dual-band wireless. One wireless for range coverage. One wireless for speed. Use both to get the best of both wireless connections for all your wireless devices!



Save yourself from dead spots

Our jolly old boss was really lucky that we installed a Powerline Wireless extender for the second floor. Otherwise, we wouldn't have got his SOS message that he sent via the Wi-Fi network and he might've been stuck there for good!



Find that spot for a better Wi-Fi connection

Our wireless extender comes with an LED indicator that tells whether or not that is a good location to extend your existing Wi-Fi network connection. You'll be surprised how far it can go. Even our neighboring polar bear was surprised! 



Extend your Wi-Fi even while you're outside

Connect a regular USB battery to our Zyxel wireless extender and extend your Wi-Fi connection to everyone near the fire bond. Stay connected wherever you go!



Backup those selfies

We take a lot of selfies here at Zyxel and we want to keep those memories backed up in a place that's safe. Thanks to our Zyxel personal cloud unit, we're able to instantly backup our selfies directly from our camera to its hard disks!



Give your special networking gift

What are you waiting for? Go buy one of our gifts and stay connected! Stay tuned to our website for more information on our upcoming products!