Personal Cloud Storage

Model: NAS540 / NAS542

  • Four hot swappable bays for up 32 terabytes
    (Each bay support up to 8 TB hard disk)
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • SDXC slot support up to 128 GB
  • Three USB 3.0 ports for additional storage capacity


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+ What's the difference between NAS540 and NAS542?

The internal hard drive trays are different color. NAS540 uses yellow/orange trays. NAS542 uses a grey trays and is mostly only found in European countries. The hardware specifications are identical.

+ What can I do with a Personal Cloud Storage?

Quite a bit! You can use it as a media server to playback onto popular streaming devices like: Chromecast, Apple TV, smart TVs, Playstation, XBOX, and many more! You can create a network backup storage for your computers and mobile devices. Backup your smartphone's photos to it with our handy free app! Learn more at our official product page by clicking "Learn More" button above!